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“Iceberg group” production space is located in Sumy, Ukraine on an area of ​​over 10 hectares, and includes:

Production of components

One of the company’s goals is to create a complete cycle for the production of aerosol products, which includes not only the filling (packing) of aerosols, but also the production of all major components. Now it is implemented for the lighter refills. Our company independently produces aluminum and polyamide cases for gas cans, valves, protective caps of 35 and 52 mm diameter.

Pre-production area. Laboratory

Preparatory production includes mixtures with the reactor compartment preparation area, water preparation area and, separately, the liquefied natural gas impurities purification installation.
Our company has a laboratory for continuous monitoring of production, testing of new types of raw materials, development of new formulations.

Filling production

Filling of the aerosols is produced on two fully automatic lines with capacity of 3000 units per hour each. In the nearest future it is planned to install and run a third line of similar capacity, with the possibility of the production of aerosols using bag-on-valve type of the valves.

Storage facilities

The total storage area of over 5000 m2, including those 3000 m2, equipped for a pallet storing.